is the place to see the masterwork of sand sculptor (Me!) Matt Long (aka: Sandman Matt).

I know this is different for an ‘About Page’ but here is my story in the first person! (If you didn’t know: Even About Pages written in the third person are spoon fed from the first to a content editor who then adapts them.)

What I do is simple really…                                                                                                                                                                    I go to the beach.. I carve something beautiful in the sand!                                                                                            Someone drops a truckload of sand on a street … I carve something beautiful in the sand!                                Someone needs a sculpture at a trade show.  I bring sand… I carve something beautiful in the sand!                    You get the idea!

I carve beautiful things in the sand just about anywhere you can imagine from rooftop gardens and the beaches of Southeast Asia to Times Square, New York City.  Every sculpture is custom designed to meet the needs of my clients, from hair care product marketers to swimming pool manufacturers.   I create fascinating, one of a kind displays using nothing but sand and water.  Commercial sculpture inevitably includes the client’s logo expertly carved into a sculpture. We have many to look at here on the site!   

As much as I have mastered the art of carving sand, I have also learned this very special thing you will want to understand about the gritty stuff when it comes to marketing and when we were all kids!  The fascination with sand and the childhood fairy tale like whimsy it inspires is in us all makes it the ultimate presentation medium.  I have often said I have stirred as many people to smile as I have carved grains of sand!  (Well… not quite!)  What I know is that connecting a product, upcoming event, or brand to these deep set feelings is almost a spiritual dream for marketers, PR companies, advertisers and hence, so it is for the end clients from any area of commerce! 

My Qualifications? 

Well I have carved sand for American Express, McDonalds, Disney, Time Warner, Johnson and Johnson, John Frieda, Arizona Beverages, Nike, Tommy Bahama, Banana Republic, Remy Martin, W Hotels, Atlantis Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City Tourism, Caribbean Tourism, New Jersey Tourism, Curacao Tourism, Puerto Rico Tourism, and… Gee whiz! There is plenty more (Including lots and lots of little guys whose names you never heard!) but I hope that’s enough.

I was a cast member for the two season run of the TV show Sand Masters originally featured on the Travel Channel here in the US now on TLC around the world.  I have three or four World Championship medals and lots of others won in international competitions and I can juggle some!  

So start at the Home Page and have a look at the types of events for which I am commissioned.                              And thanks for stopping by.  I am most grateful and look forward to hearing from you!


Matt Long